Predictive Analytics – SPSS

TechD helps leverage the power of predictive analytics

Data is the life-blood of companies and the number one priority is to conduct real-time analytics on data. In transactional systems, speed of thought predictive analytics can provide critical insight to decision makers around risk and opportunity positions in the moment, and it can also identify things that are going wrong with core infrastructure, enabling users to take action immediately.

TechD has the breadth and depth of capabilities and experts to help you integrate SPSS with your Data Warehouse, Cognos BI and Big Data applications to tackle the data deluge of information and put it to use for business value.
Attract, grow and retain customers
SPSS Analytics integrated with Big Data enables a 360-degree view of the customer, improving client intimacy.

Transform financial processes and management through in-house implementation of analytics.
Businesses want to make the best use of their dollars and identify waste or fraud in their organizations.

Improve IT economics
Using aspects of analytics to gain insight on data within the computing system to improve the general economics of the IT environment.

Optimize threat and fraud and focusing on security patterns.
Every organization is focused on minimizing security threats – Big Data and Predictive Analytics can help detect flaws in the system and potential breaches before they become bigger issues.

Improve operational data.
Real-time cases predicated around analysis of operational data and improving their own internal processes to run more efficiently.

Create new business models.
Many clients are seeing a wealth of information about how they can change the very service they supply to the ecosystem that they serve, not just perhaps with traditional clients but up and down their value chain as they monetize the data they have at their disposal.

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