IBM Cognos TM1 Solutions

Enterprise Planning and Performance Management Solutions

IBM Cognos TM1 provides an enterprise planning software platform that can transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting and budgeting to reporting, scorecarding, analysis and forecasting.

With its powerful analysis capabilities, flexible modeling and ability to collaborate with multiple users, Cognos TM1 has positioned itself as one of the leaders within the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) space.
TechD will integrate Cognos TM1 as an on-premise or on-cloud solution with extensive mobile capabilities. Cognos TM1 enables you to collaborate on plans, budgets and forecasts. You can analyze data, and create models – including profitability models – to reflect a constantly evolving business environment.

In addition, integrated scorecards and strategy management capabilities help you monitor performance metrics and align resources and initiatives with corporate objectives and market events.

With its Excel-friendly front-end, versatile real-time server and accessible web facilities, TM1 is a natural choice for many companies looking for a state of the art approach to Corporate Performance Management, including budgeting, planning and reporting.

Cognos TM1 allows you to rapidly analyze data for improved business intelligence spanning your entire organization.

TechD Cognos Expertise

Let TechD show you how to get the most out of your Cognos TM1 solution, and achieve a faster return on your software investment. By engaging our vast expertise with Cognos Performance Management, TechD can get your TM1 solution integrated quickly with:

  • Software expertise underscored by consultants with extensive backgrounds in IT.
  • Hands-on experience to understand an organization’s needs—now and for the future.
  • Accumulated customer expertise implementing, extending, customizing and integrating content and functionality.

TechD’s team has designed, developed, and implemented Cognos TM1 systems and applications across a wide variety of industries including finance, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and higher education.

TechD has implemented custom Cognos TM1 applications and interfaces in the critical areas of financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, data analysis, and reporting.  We have created sophisticated data import routines to feed TM1 from numerous source systems.  Our consultants have played an intricate role in every phase of project life cycles from analysis and design to implementation and quality assurance testing as well as extensive experience is in the maintenance and enhancement of existing TM1 applications.

TechD’s extensive end-to-end experience and demonstrated ability to produce solutions makes us your go-to-partner to handle any and all of your Cognos TM1 and integrated Big Data, BI, Data Warehouse and Analytics needs.

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