Business Intelligence Solutions for Multiple Industry Needs

Gain Market-Specific Benefits from IBM Software

Customers leverage TechD’s expertise in IBM Cognos and Business Intelligence solutions for demanding applications in a wide array of industries including Higher Education, Healthcare, Aerospace, Retail and others. That includes IBM software solutions designed to help everyone in an organization make the decisions that achieve better business outcomes—for now and in the future.

Business Analytics for Big Pharma Sales and Marketing
The Business Analytics team of a large pharmaceutical sales and marketing organization used several business-analytic tools with no one standard. Their data resided in many different formats and locations, causing inefficiencies. To improve Information Delivery Architecture, the organization sought to organize structured data into a single data mart for reporting and analytics. Making IBM Cognos the universal business-analytic tool among divisions; TechD provided a data-delivery solution to improve reporting, replace externally managed reports, and combine multiple sets of data. Thanks to reduced dependency on external vendors for data manipulation, computation and report development; they have achieved an overall cost reduction as well.
Business Intelligence for Healthcare
The nation’s largest private cancer-treatment center used IBM Business Intelligence tools across the organization. Their financial IT department recognized they were not utilizing these to full potential. With so many recent changes, budgeting tools were outdated and no longer supported. TechD ran a system-wide upgrade to Cognos TM1—assigning a full-time, on-site consultant to oversee migration. This enabled custom task creation, automated processes to replace manual inputs, and faster interface for thousands of licensed users. As a result; the updated systems have eliminated redundant processes, streamlined reporting and budgeting, and provided easier access for end-users. The organization now utilizes approximately 70% of the system’s functionality, up from 30% previously.
Cognos TM1 BI for Major Communications Firm
One of the nation’s largest communications suppliers to military and commercial end-users used outdated Cognos Business Intelligence and Enterprise Planning. Project planners experienced delays running complex reports. Financial analysts could not access detailed data. TechD installed current IBM Cognos TM1 and oversaw data migration. A workspace dashboard provides reporting insight. Real-time analysis enhances planning, budgeting, and forecasting. C-level executives and other non-technical users quickly adapted to the system’s “drag-and-drop” interface and now enjoy faster reporting and detailed analysis. The company now has an integrated, high-speed data warehouse that has reduced speed of report-generation from hours to minutes.
Data Warehouse for Large Hospital
The nation’s first hospital devoted to pediatric medicine used separate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products for patient and financial data with no common warehouse. Their requirements included a high-performance analytic and reporting platform, predictive analytics, and data exploration across multiple data forms. In addition, they would require infrastructure and implementation support, as well as integration with existing business intelligence. TechD and IBM Pure Data integrated functions and created one warehouse for patient and financial data, allowing access to unstructured data through standard tools. This has increased processing speed and eliminated the need for multiple tables, reducing the speed for data migration of aggregate tables from hours to seconds.
Cognos Solution for Large University System
A public-research university in Philadelphia chose IBM Cognos as their enterprise business intelligence solution across institutional advancement, finance, human resources, and student records. They faced a hard deadline to decommission their legacy reporting tools. Meeting this deadline would provide cost savings on licensing, maintenance and support for outdated tools. TechD implemented Cognos reporting and dashboards—allowing IT personnel to streamline their reporting processes. They analyzed the reporting process, finding redundant reports run at inappropriate times. University IT can now better utilize computing cycles. Licenses and usage models have also been improved, thanks to common platform for all reporting and the importation of legacy data into Cognos.